Elastomer manufacturing relies on the use of antioxidants and light stabilizers to protect the end application materials from degradation. Through the use of AO & UV additives, elastomers become more resistant to cracking, fading, and deterioration to provide a more durable elastomer.


Zeller’s antioxidants & light stabilizers play a critical role in preserving the integrity and safety of automotive applications. Through the prevention of degradation caused by exposure to light, heat, and oxidative reactions, our AO & UV solutions enhance the longevity of automotive applications

Wire & Cable

In the wire and cable industry, light stabilizers and antioxidants are crucial components to the success of the product. Used to enhance the longevity and reliability, especially in outdoor conditions facing harsh weather, they become more resistant to premature aging, cracking, flexibility, and loss of performance to provide safer use. With these additives, manufacturers and users can depend on the integrity and strength of the wires and cables.

Coatings & Adhesives

Both light stabilizers and antioxidants play crucial roles in preserving the adhesive & coating’s properties, enhancing their resistance to degradation caused by exposure to light, heat, and oxidative reactions. Their incorporation is essential in facing harsh situations and outdoor use to prevent discoloration, brittleness, and loss of strength.

Agricultural Film

The inclusion of antioxidants and light stabilizers to agricultural film creates a protective barrier from product breakdown due to harmful environmental forces. With Zeller additives, the lifespan, durability, and effectiveness of each product expands.

Fiber Additives

Fiber additives have become essential in the safety and protection of home furnishings, outdoor textiles, apparel, and more. The addition of antioxidants and light stabilizers helps to enforce the fibers’ durability, appearance, and performance.

Fuel Additives & Lubricants

In fuel & lubricants, antioxidants and light stabilizers are used to enhance their performance and prevent premature degradation. AO & UV additives help products meet their fuel-stability requirements and quality specifications to achieve their full effectiveness.


The inclusion of antioxidants and light stabilizers is pivotal in maintaining the quality and function of packaging materials. Protecting the materials with additives contributes to preserving the contents and extending their shelf life.