Phenolic Antioxidants

Our Z-NOX® line of phenolic antioxidants function as free radical scavengers to provide robust and versatile protection of polymers from the high heat and shear conditions of processing to the demanding conditions of long-term use. Contact us for more information on our Z-NOX® phenolic antioxidants
  • Z-NOX® 20

    Z-NOX® 20 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant used in thermoplastic polymer processing.

  • Z-NOX® 1076

    Z-NOX® 1076 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant that is suitable for thermoplastics and synthetic fibers.

  • Z-NOX® 245

    Z-NOX® 245 is a highly effective antioxidant used in plastics and other polymers.

  • Z-NOX® TBM6

    Z-NOX® TBM6 is a hindered phenol antioxidant suitable for elastomers, plastics, adhesives, and lubricants.

  • Z-NOX® CPL

    Z-NOX® CPL is a polymeric phenolic antioxidant developed for natural rubber and latex.

  • Z-NOX® CA22

    Z-NOX® CA22 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant suitable for polyolefins and flexible PVC.

  • Z-NOX® 3114

    Z-Nox 3114 is a Low volatile, highly hindered phenolic antioxidant with very low colour, low gasfading

  • Z-NOX® 2246

    Z-NOX® 2246 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant suitable for adhesives, ABS, and polyolefin applications.

  • Z-NOX® 1135

    Z-NOX® 1135 is a liquid, easy pumpable, highly soluble, highly hindered phenolic antioxidant.

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