UV Absorbers

Our Z-LITE® Ultraviolet Light Absorbers protect by absorbing damaging radiation and dissipating that energy as heat. They function during extended exposure to outdoor weathering, and synergistically with other types of light stabilizers for optimum UV protection. Contact us for more information on our Z-LITE® UVA’s.
  • Z-LITE® 1164

    Z-LITE® 1164 is an effective ultraviolet light absorber in polyamide, polystyrene, and olefin hydrocarbons.

  • Z-LITE® 1577

    Z-LITE® 1577 is an ultraviolet light absorber that is suitable for polymers, co-additives, and resin compositions.

  • Z-LITE® 1084

    Z-LITE® 1084 is a nickel quencher light stabilizer. Superior stabilization in polyethylene agricultural film and polypropylene turf applications.

  • Z-LITE® 234

    Z-LITE® 234 is an excellent ultraviolet absorber suitable for engineering thermoplastics and acrylics.

  • Z-LITE® 55

    Z-LITE® 55 is an ultraviolent light absorber additive used in PVC applications.

  • Z-LITE® 29

    Z-LITE® 29 is an effective ultraviolet light absorber in rigid and flexible PVC.

  • Z-LITE® 22

    Z-LITE® 22 is an ultraviolet absorber used in polyolefins and flexible PVC applications.

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