Light Stabilizer Blends

Our Z-LITE® Ultra Violet Light Absorbers protect by absorbing damaging radiation and dissipating that energy as heat. They function during extended exposure to outdoor weathering, and synergistically with other types of light stabilizers for optimum UV protection. Contact us for more information on our Z-LITE® UVA’s.
  • Z-LITE® 783

    Z-LITE® 783 is a hindered amine light stabilizer synergistic blend.

  • Z-LITE® 92

    Z-LITE® 92 is a liquid hindered amine light stabilizer used in polyvinylchloride applications.

  • Z-LITE® 1130

    Z-LITE® 1130 is a liquid ultraviolet absorber that is developed specifically for coatings.

  • Custom Blends

    Zeller’s specialty custom blended Z-LITE® and Z-NOX® solutions are tailored to address your specific requirements with precision and expertise. Our formulations are made to improve dosing accuracy, dust reduction, and speed of dispersion. Contact us for more information.

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