Antioxidants & Light Stabilizers

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  • Z-LITE® 1164

    Z-LITE® 1164 is an effective ultraviolet light absorber in polyamide, polystyrene, and olefin hydrocarbons.

  • Z-LITE® 1130

    Z-LITE® 1130 is a liquid ultraviolet absorber that is developed specifically for coatings.

  • Z-LITE® 1577

    Z-LITE® 1577 is an ultraviolet light absorber that is suitable for polymers, co-additives, and resin compositions.

  • Z-LITE® 1084

    Z-LITE® 1084 is a nickel quencher light stabilizer. Superior stabilization in polyethylene agricultural film and polypropylene turf applications.

  • Z-LITE® 234

    Z-LITE® 234 is an excellent ultraviolet absorber suitable for engineering thermoplastics and acrylics.

  • Z-LITE® 55

    Z-LITE® 55 is an ultraviolent light absorber additive used in PVC applications.

  • Z-LITE® 29

    Z-LITE® 29 is an effective ultraviolet light absorber in rigid and flexible PVC.

  • Z-LITE® 22

    Z-LITE® 22 is an ultraviolet absorber used in polyolefins and flexible PVC applications.

  • Z-NOX® B215

    Z-NOX® B215 is a blend of Z-NOX® 20 and Z-NOX® 168 with excellent synergistic qualities.

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