Antioxidants & Light Stabilizers

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  • Z-NOX® B900

    Z-NOX® B900 is an antioxidant blend of Z-NOX® 168 and Z-NOX® 1076 developed for PE and PP.

  • Z-NOX® B225

    Z-NOX® B225 is an antioxidant blend of Z-NOX® 20 and Z-NOX® 168 suitable for polyolefin applications.

  • Z-NOX® B1171

    Z-NOX® B1171 is a blend of Z-NOX® 168 and Z-NOX® HD98 antioxidants suitable for polyamides.


    Z-NOX® DLTDP is a thioether antioxidant suitable for plastics, adhesives, elastomers, and petroleum products.


    Z-NOX® DSDTP is a thioether antioxidant or thiosynergists for plastics, adhesives, and elastomer applications.

  • Z-NOX® 626

    Z-NOX® 626 is a high performance phosphite antioxidant used as a processing stabilizer.

  • Z-NOX® 168

    Z-NOX® 168 is a phosphite antioxidant that works in thermoplastics and other polymers.

  • Z-NOX® 245

    Z-NOX® 245 is a highly effective antioxidant used in plastics and other polymers.

  • Z-NOX® 1076

    Z-NOX® 1076 is a hindered phenolic antioxidant that is suitable for thermoplastics and synthetic fibers.

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