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St. Louis Group Gains Affiliate Company Zeller

The St. Louis Group has been a supplier of flame retardants and smoke suppressants since 2010. Over the course of the last eight years, we have come to realize that our customers require other chemical additives to create the best products for end use. Wanting to improve our customer experience, we decided to build and develop a new line of products to serve our current markets and to grow into other markets as well. Zeller offers a line of antioxidants and light stabilizers with clarifiers, custom masterbatches, and dispersions available upon request. We are excited to introduce this line to you and hope it will further your experience with us.

Our antioxidant line includes phenolic, phosphite, thioester, amine, metal deactivators, and blends that serve various industries and needs in order to get the correct protection for your end product. Antioxidants trap free radicals and oxidation intermediates like peroxides. Antioxidants and Antioxidant blends are good for high-temperature processing. Each classification works a bit differently depending on the material and end use. Our team is equipped to help discuss the best options for you and your needs. Visit our Antioxidants page to view our line of Z-NOX products.

The Zeller line of light stabilizers includes hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), UVA’s, and blends. Developed with the customer in mind, our line serves multiple industries from thermoplastics to coatings and adhesives. Light stabilizers work differently than antioxidants; they compete for the light that damages polymers by photo-oxidation and slow polymer degradation. Often, antioxidants and light stabilizers are paired together to give the most protection to a product as possible. To see our full line of Z-LITE products, visit our Light Stabilizers page.

We at the St. Louis Group and Zeller Polymer Solutions hope that you are able to find products that serve your needs with the service you deserve. We strive to continually grow in meeting our customer’s needs to become the polymer additives group of choice among our customers while trying to gain new customers in new markets. Please give us a call and let us help in finding a solution that will work for your project. Visit our Contact Us page to learn more information or call us at 317.343.2930 to learn more.

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